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Estrella Verde Technology is a venture software company.  Venture capital companies invest capital in start-up companies in exchange for equity.  Similarly, Estella Verde provides systems and software engineering talent for start-up companies. We also provide services and build systems under traditional contract arrangements.

Estrella Verde Technology specializes in building remote sensing information systems for public safety, energy conservation and renewable energy generation.  Data is gathered in the field, transmitted to database severs and converted to information for the user.

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Estrella Verde Technology Software Helps Study School Bus Safety

February 2010

Estrella Verde released the Alpha version of the Evidence Management System (EMS). Estella Verde is teaming with Intelligent Imaging Systems to pilot a school bus camera system that will collect videos of vehicles passing the stopped bus. EMS will used to analyze the video data and determine the effectiveness of prevention strategies. This is consistent with Estrella Verde's effort to develop intelligent warning systems that prevent rather than punish.

Estrella Verde Technology Offers Free Car Pooling Website

December 2008

Estrella Verde released the Beta version of myGreenRide.net, a web site that makes it easy for people who want to car pool to find each other. Using Google Maps, myGreenRide displays rides anywhere in the United States. This free service enables people to "Save Energy, Reduce Traffic, Help a Neighbor, Make a Friend" by sharing a ride! Try out this new web site to help save money and save the environment!

Estrella Verde Technology Completes Beta Phase of School Bus Safety System for AlertStar.

June 2008

Estrella Verde completed the Beta phase evaluating the school bus safety system developed for AlertStar Safety Corp. at the Mesa Unified School District in Arizona.  EVtech developed the bus software that ran the outside cameras, capturing images of 119 vehicles passing a stopped school bus during 28 days of operational tests.  EVtech ran the Beta phase, capturing and analyzing the imagery and GPS data and providing violation data to AlertStar.  To download a video from this test, click here.  To see some test images, click here.

Estrella Verde Technology to Deliver School Bus Safety System to AlertStar.

March 2008

Estrella Verde will be delivering a school bus safety system to AlertStar Corp.  The Alpha phase of this project was recently completed that captures images of vehicles that pass a school bus that has stopped to let children get on or off.  EVtech developed the software to operate the school bus camera and review the imagery on a workstation.

Estrella Verde Technology forms partnership with Intelligent Imaging Systems, LLC.

November 2007

Estrella Verde signs a partnership agreement with Intelligent Imaging Systems, LLC, to develop public safety imaging systems.  The lead engineers for EV Tech and IIS have over 70 years experience developing complex systems for government and industry.  We expect to field our first public safety system in early 2008. 

Estrella Verde Technology incorporates in Arizona.

September 2007

Estrella Verde opens for business as a Chapter S corporation in Phoenix, Arizona.