"Empowerment through information"

About Us

Estrella Verde Technology was formed in 2007 as a company dedicated to developing systems for the betterment of mankind.  We specialize in systems for public safety and energy conservation.

We have expertise in Java and C/C++ under Windows and Linux.  A typical application collects data using sensors, buffering the data remotely in a single board computer (SBC), transmitting the data via WiFi to a database server. We provide tools to turn the data into information for the end user.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, near the Estrella Mountains, the name Estrella Verde (Green Star) represents our Arizona and environmental roots.  We believe efficiencies gained through information technology will result in a safer and sustainable future for ourselves and our children. We believe in empowerment through information.

Contact Us

Please contacts us with questions or comments. If you are a start-up company or a well-established corporation or government agency, we can provide economical solutions, building systems that will collect data and provide information.

Estrella Verde Technology
533 W. Desert Flower Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85045